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dr. Eva Varadi


EMCC EIA senior coach

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I am an internationally accredited senior coach and supervisor. I am the founder and lead instructor of the Academy of Applied Coaching® and have more than 5000 hours of session experience working with a highly diverse client base. In my previous job, I was involved in self-development and mentoring for 10 years. In parallel and continuing this I have worked as a business, executive, life and sports coach, wingwave® coach.

During my career, I have also acquired knowledge in management technology, organisational development, leadership development (hard and soft skills), the facilitation and coaching of small groups, and assertive communication development. I have worked with individuals and groups, and given public presentations in front of thousands of people.

Through my teaching and research, I am working to establish the concept of applied coaching. One of my academic goals is to distinguish between the fields of coaching in terms of applicability, including theoretical, applied and research orientations. I am doing this within the framework of the Academy of Applied Coaching®,which has now become an internationally accredited institution with EMCC EQA Practitioner certification.

Dr. Váradi Éva coach

If you feel that you want to

• make a change in any area of your life
• develop new patterns of thinking and habits
• make a potential lifestyle change
• achieve a happier, more fulfilling, balanced life
• set and achieve goals effectively, whether it is to achieve a better or a different quality of life
learn to manage internal and external conflicts
• have greater self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and clarity about yourself
• put the past behind you and focus more on the future
• notice and make the most of your opportunities, your circumstances, yourself
• become a leader or entrepreneur
• successfully deal with and/or prevent signs of burnout
• go from being a hobbyist to a competitor
• develop your mental skills as a competitor
• develop your ability to cope with stress and failure
• be satisfied with yourself
• focus more on your spiritual and mental health



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Your clarity and enthusiasm for your work will give the coach the confidence to keep going. Your practical lessons, even pointing out small details, will help the young beginner get started in the world of the profession.
Your clarity and enthusiasm for your work will give the coach the confidence to keep going. Your practical lessons, even pointing out small details, will help the young beginner get started in the world of the profession.

Bernadett Szatmári

child developer, coach

I am extremely satisfied that I have followed both my heart and my head when choosing a school: Évi's radiantly inspiring personality, her easy, direct style, her naturalness, her thousands of hours of coaching experience and the high professional quality of knowledge transfer promised by the Academy, certified by international accreditation, is exactly the combination I needed to deepen my knowledge and to advance my professional development. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Academy to beginners and practicing coaches alike!

Nóra Mackó-Dörnyei

organisational development consultant, trainer, coach

I have always enjoyed listening to you in class, from the very first moment I have known you to be a credible and experienced professional, you seem to love what you do and want to pass on to your students. Week after week I was able to attend consistently high quality classes, demonstrating theoretical knowledge through practical examples, showing the applicability of the techniques, not to mention that the emphasis was really on application, as practicing the tools was a priority in every class, and I learned a lot from that.

Violetta Inhoff-Vass

Psychology MSc

Thank you so much for letting me learn from you! It's hard for me to sum up what this course has given me... It has started me on a journey of self-discovery that I know will never end. It has given me a theoretical foundation that I can build on with confidence, whether as a coach or in my personal life. I always looked forward to the Friday afternoons with curiosity and each time I received interesting and useful knowledge. I will miss the course. :))))

dr. Katalin Fabók


Academy of Applied Coaching®

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What is applied coaching?

As we know, the science of psychology is divided into research psychology, theoretical psychology and applied psychology. However, coaching, as a science that is about 40-50 years old, has only just begun to make a distinction from the perspective of applicability .In my experience, there are some good methods that are harder to implement in practice, and they can also make the session inflexible, which can make the client feel uncomfortable and stall the process. However, these have a strong theoretical background, so it could rightly be called theoretical coaching. There is already research into coaching, which can be called research coaching, and in which I myself am involved in independent research projects within the EMCC. Theoretical coaching can be rightly distinct from practical or applied coaching,because I call applicable or practical what works in practice in almost all circumstances and is evidence-basedi.e. it does not base the next question on the coach's intuition but on evidence based on well-learned theory, repeatedly elicited from the client's narrative, embedded in the coaching framework and intertwined with coaching ethics.

EMCC EIA senior coach

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