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Academy of Applied Coaching®

Would you like to work in a profession with a bright future?

Mission statement

The main mission of the Applied Coaching Academy® is to provide quality coach training to give new coaches a bright future so that, in turn, they can support everyone else in making their world a better place.

Values we stand for:

  • Providing an excellent training service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Encouraging personal development, innovation, and creativity
  • We value and stand for honesty, authenticity, humanity, morality, trustworthiness, credibility, respect, discipline, a loving atmosphere, loyalty, trust, cooperation, acceptance, appreciation, communication, compromise, dedication, honesty, consistency, leading by example, punctuality, precision, helpfulness, professional humility, learning, and development
  • Adhere to international ethical standards and consider ourselves bound by them
  • We value sustainable development, forward thinking, and the practice of supporting the underprivileged

Coaching as an opportunity of a lifetime!

"If you had to sum up the essence of your work in one sentence, what would it be? (You said you are a confidence-builder and coach...)”

To close the past and build up the people themselves. Not just what you want to see yourself as, but who you are. Including the flaws, the imperfections, from which acceptance and love can be a source of strength. To see yourself whole, collected, organized, orderly. As a coach, I would say that."

(You can read the full interview on magazine under the title Chanting traditional human values )

Our applied coaching training is waiting for you!

alkalmazott coaching akadémia logó

Find out more about Introduction to the Applied Coaching Sciences!

What exactly does the name mean?

-It includes all the basics of life coaching, business nd executive coaching, sports coaching, and concepts of psychology , as well as individual and small group coaching techniques.

-The aim is to master the techniques, models, and tools that I use effectively, both in theory and practice. 

-Finally, we will help to create your own brand and take the first steps towards building your own coaching career through the mentor coaching and supervision sessions.

The 155-hour training modules consist of:

Life coaching


– familiarisation with the principles of EMCC - its objectives, uses, and processes
– action-oriented coaching
– principles of coaching, development of key competences, self-awareness, self-reflective journaling
– transactional analysis
– NLP Coaching basic techniques
– constellations with puppets
– facilitation and small group coaching techniques
– mentally preparation of being non-judgemental with clients
– contract management, including how to request feedback at the end of the process

Business and executive coaching


– concepts and applications of business and executive coaching
– leadership self-image, goal setting, implementation
– levels of leadership and motivation
– management technology: organisation, time management, delegation, developing motivation
– work-life balance
– stress management, conflict management, burnout prevention
– assertive communication, self-branding, brief coaching
– SMART goals, SWOT analysis, DISC model, GROW model

Sport coaching


– concepts of sport coaching
– the motivation of the athletes
– overcoming external and internal obstacles
– developing pain tolerance, willpower, and the ability to fight
– meditation techniques
– developing mindfulness and concentration
– programming of the mind, setting the goals, team sports


The purpose of basic knowledge to enable the relevant background and scientific information of the coaching subject. Besides, recognise the limits of his/her own competences, when his/her client needs to refer him/her to another appropriate professional.


– historical background and theoretical trends in the science of psychology
– the structure of the brain, understanding our conscious and subconscious mind
– social pressures and social psychology
– developmental psychology and mid-life crisis
– learning basic concepts such as stress, anxiety, psychosomatics, burnout, cognitive dissonance, narcissism, depression, intuition, reflection and self-reflection, attention, and perception dissonance, narcissism, depression, intuition, reflection and self-reflection, attention, and perception

The discounted package offer includes

  • training material for 4 modules
  • a guide to coach ethics
  • 155 hours of theoretical and practical learning with continuous self-reflection, competence development, and feedback
  • 50 hours of private practical experience
    synthesising approach - seeing the whole and applying your knowledge in a real-life situation with confidence
  • real case studies
  • support to get started, build and market your brand both offline and online
  • an approach to building your autonomy
  • mentoring
  • a practical, supportive exam system
  • small group training (10-14 people)
  • module completion and final exam fees
  • certificate in Hungarian and English

Your instructors

Dr. Váradi Éva coach

Eva dr Varadi, lead instructor

"After graduating from law school, I successfully built two businesses, in which I worked with over 20,000 people. I subsequently completed two coaching schools and a college level advanced course in psychology in London. This was followed by further training at an international level year upon year. As a coach I have worked with a very large number of clients, totalling about 5000 hours of sessions.
I have gained experience in leadership development (hard and soft skills development), mental training, facilitation, small group coaching, assertive communication, the use of NLP and Transactional Analysis, brief coaching and have developed my own method, which is based on the neurobiologically proven usefulness of writing. I am currently an internationally accredited senior coach and working towards the EMCC Master Practitioner level qualification. What brought the school to life was my clients indicating to me throughout the course of my work that they would be happy to learn from me if the opportunity arose. My focus in the everyday work on the basic human values of honesty, authenticity, humanity, morality, trustworthiness, respect, discipline and to create a loving atmosphere."

Fekete Gyula Attila coach

Gyula Attila Fekete, instructor

"I was going to be an electrical engineer, but at university I was seduced by journalism; I was attracted by the student newspaper, then the university newspaper, and finally the national press. After thirty years of journalism, I had changed, in no small part, because of external pressures. That's how I was introduced to coaching. I started to practise on my own the methods and techniques that eventually helped me to find new goals and challenges and to find my new vocation. Today, I am increasingly working primarily as a coach and trainer. My own successes led me to the decision to learn to coach and to teach others the basics. I have proven to myself, and to my clients who have taken me into their confidence, that it is always possible to "change". To change; to start something new, something completely different from what we have been doing,. Change is not age-dependent. It’s not as easy as simply saying you want it, of course, but it’ not impossible. You have to work hard to succeed. But with competent help and the right determination, you can make huge changes in yourself."

They said about us

Eva’s structured way of thinking and guided questions help me to see situations from a different perspective, both as a private person and as an organisational leader, and thus bring out the best in me. Her patience is unprecedented, she opens my mind in small steps, I am happy to work with her.

Zsófia Fabók

Moltrans Ltd. CEO

Every minute spent with him is useful and enjoyable, his lessons are a pleasure, because he is not only fully prepared and patient, but also a dazzling speaker.

Éva Péterfy-Novák


It is difficult to describe in one sentence what we got from the training with Eva. Five or six sentences would be better. It is very well-structured training, covering the whole coaching activity, which I can apply then apply effortlessly in my work, whether it is business or life coaching.

Judit Jordán

Head of Procurement Europe, Lindström Group

Details of the training

Következő tanfolyamok:

Location: ONLINE 


2024.02.08.  csütörtök, 16-20h

2024.02.20.  kedd, 16-20h

Individual quotation available for companies, groups, if you want to book a coach training course for at least 6 people. In this case, we are flexible in terms of time and can accommodate.

Our 155 hours of training can be yours at an extra low price!

Psychological basics, Life coaching, Business and Executive coaching, Sport coaching modules:
Instead of 1.370.000 HUF only 590.000 HUF


For advance booking 5% discount you benefit from the price of our course, which can be paid in instalments.

A 10% discount will be credited for a single deposit. 


a február 8-tól induló kurzusra: 2023.12.31-ig!

a február 20-tól induló kurzusra: 2024.01.12-ig!

Don't get left behind!
If you have a valid diploma from another country, will be included in the price!
Let's learn together and make the world a better place for ourselves and others!

Enrolment for the Academy of Applied Coaching® training

Training registration number: B/2020/003104

The introductory course of our internationally accredited advanced programme starts!

What you need to know about Introduction to the Applied Coaching Sciences?

  • if you already have a qualification that allows you to do coaching, mentoring or councelling, it can be a great addition to the range of diplomas and certificates you have
  • if you have an interest in the profession, it can give you insights into important details you may not have thought about before
  • gives you essential knowledge in psychology, life coaching, business coaching and sports coaching
  • the topics are the same as in the advanced course (Complex Applied Coaching Education EMCC EQA Practitioner), i.e. you will get a deep insight into 4 modules
  • take home relevant, immediately applicable knowledge
  • you'll get an in-depth introduction to coaching competencies
  • you can study as for your own schedule
  • if your intention take into serious, you can go on to the internationally accredited advanced course (Complex Applied Coaching Education EMCC EQA Practitioner)
  • although the introductory course is not accredited by the EMCC EQA programme, the advanced course (Complex Applied Coaching Education EMCC EQA Practitioner) is and you will officially move up to international level
  • it is not recommended that you start as a coach with this alone, but if this introductory course gives you a taste for the profession, you can start working on specific topics under supervision until you arrive at the advanced course, where you can obtain an international qualification
  • your CV will definitely be strengthened with valuable competences
  • you get a strong certificate at the end
  • after completing the training, we can support you with supervision and mentor coaching towards higher individual accreditations

Who would I recommend takes the course?

Anyone who needs this knowledge, as a manager, entrepreneur, trainer, service provider, employee or just as an individual who wants to acquire a coaching approach.