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Introduction to the Applied Coaching Sciences

Mission statement

The main mission of the Applied Coaching Academy® is to provide quality coach training to give new coaches a bright future so that, in turn, they can support everyone else in making their world a better place.

Values we stand for:

  • Providing an excellent training service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Encouraging personal development, innovation, and creativity
  • We value and stand for honesty, authenticity, humanity, morality, trustworthiness, credibility, respect, discipline, a loving atmosphere, loyalty, trust, cooperation, acceptance, appreciation, communication, compromise, dedication, honesty, consistency, leading by example, punctuality, precision, helpfulness, professional humility, learning, and development
  • Adhere to international ethical standards and consider ourselves bound by them
  • We value sustainable development, forward thinking, and the practice of supporting the underprivileged

What path can you take with us as a coach?

Professional level


Developing your own coaching techniques, mentor coaching

Supporting your individual accreditation (EIA)

Applied Coaching Education
EMCC EQA practioner

Introduction to the Applied Coaching Sciences

The modules of the Introduction to the Applied Coaching Sciences:

Life coaching


familiarisation with the principles of the EMCC - its objectives, uses and processes
– action-oriented coaching
– principles of coaching, development of key competences, self-awareness, self-reflective journaling
– the Basics of Transactional Analysis
– NLP Basics
– mentally preparation of being non-judgemental with clients
– contract management, including how to request feedback at the end of the process

Business and executive coaching


business és executive coaching fogalmai és alkalmazási területei
– leadership self-image, goal setting, implementation
– levels of leadership and motivation
– management technology: organisation, time management, delegation, developing motivation
– work-life balance
– assertive communication
– SMART goals, SWOT analysis, DISC model, GROW model 

Sport coaching


– concepts of sport coaching
– the motivation of the athletes
– overcoming external and internal obstacles
– developing pain tolerance, willpower, and the ability to fight
– meditation techniques
– developing mindfulness and concentration
– programming the mind, setting the goals, team sports


The purpose of basic knowledge to enable the relevant background and scientific information of the coaching subject. Besides, recognise the limits of his/her own competences, when his/her client needs to refer him/her to another appropriate professional.


historical background and theoretical trends in the science of psychology
– the structure of the brain, understanding our conscious and subconscious mind
– learning basic concepts such as stress, anxiety, psychosomatics, burnout, cognitive dissonance, narcissism, depression, intuition, reflection and self-reflection, attention, and perception

What you need to know about Introduction to the Applied Coaching Sciences?

  • if you already have a qualification that allows you to do coaching, mentoring or councelling, it can be a great addition to the range of diplomas and certificates you have
  • if you have an interest in the profession, it can give you insights into important details you may not have thought about before
  • gives you essential knowledge in psychology, life coaching, business coaching and sports coaching
  • the topics are the same as in the advanced course (Complex Applied Coaching Education EMCC EQA Practitioner), i.e. you will get a deep insight into 4 modules
  • take home relevant, immediately applicable knowledge
  • you'll get an in-depth introduction to coaching competencies
  • you can study as for your own schedule
  • if your intention take into serious, you can go on to the internationally accredited advanced course (Complex Applied Coaching Education EMCC EQA Practitioner)
  • although the introductory course is not accredited by the EMCC EQA programme, the advanced course (Complex Applied Coaching Education EMCC EQA Practitioner) is and you will officially move up to international level
  • it is not recommended that you start as a coach with this alone, but if this introductory course gives you a taste for the profession, you can start working on specific topics under supervision until you arrive at the advanced course, where you can obtain an international qualification
  • your CV will definitely be strengthened with valuable competences
  • intézményi angol és magyar nyelvű tanúsítványt is kapsz
  • after completing the training, we can support you with supervision and mentor coaching towards higher individual accreditations

Who would I recommend takes the course?

Anyone who needs this knowledge, as a manager, entrepreneur, trainer, service provider, employee or just as an individual who wants to acquire a coaching approach.

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    ONLINE KURZUSKÉNT, többféle csomagban: 15.000-100.000 Ft




    of Introduction to the Applied Coaching Sciences

    Training registration number: B/2020/003104